Method of Design Joins Boom Basha Entertaiment to produce the Lenny D Show

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 What do you get when you combine Australia’s premier guitarist, a bunch of the coolest artists anyone can find, and the creativity of Boom Basha TV and Method of Design.

The Lenny D Show

Click on the image below to see the new logo animation (Created by MOD)

Lenny D Show brings together artists from Australian Idol, X Factor and The Voice

It all started out with YouTube sensation Kimo Basha’s desire to film the talents of Australian born guitar player Lenny D.
Lenny was like:
“Man, I’m just a guitarist” – haha
But Lenny has done it all in the music industry from rocking the stage with LMFAO, to working with Beyonce’s musical director Bibi McGill, along with his International performances and releases.
And with all the work and favours he’s done for so many artists and close friends over the years…
It was his turn to get a few of them to do some amazing things back for him!!!

MOD has now been involved in the production for the last 4 artists including Jordan D’Sena latest video release, and the Voice Tv show contestant Sarah Lloyde.

 The Lenny D show is a great concept that shows off the raw talent of these Artists in a professional manner that can potentially become world-wide viral.  Great vision by Kimo and Lenny – Creative director (Pedro Torres)

Click on the image below to see Jordan D’Sena’s version of ‘As long as you love me’ by Justin Bieber


From Kimo and Lenny’s dream in December 2012, the Australian based crew now includes award-winning film maker/director Pedro Torres, media student and teenage heartthrob Jordan D’Sena, make up girls Kylie La and Thuy Tran, along with design prodigy KC Bernado and Adelaide’s top nightclub photographer Ralph Fontelar.
And with the assistance of George, Kostas, Steve, and Andy from Osmonds Stage, Sound, and Lighting – The Lenny D Show has already established itself as the best acoustic series of its kind ever filmed in Australia.

 Check out the artists that have been in the show so far

Carla Waye
With the sweetest and sexiest voice you’ll hear,
Carla is also one of Australia’s top songwriters and has toured with Flo Rida, supported Guy Sebastian, and written hooks for Cash Money producer Israel.
Carla flips it up with a female version of a gorgeous Ne-Yo slow jam.

Malo Brando
Australia’s coolest RnB/Pop artist with fan bases both in Adelaide and Melbourne,
Malo kicks off the Lenny D show with a Chris Brown teaser, and features on a sexy old school Usher 8701 classic.

The little girl with the most powerful voice…
Australian Idol finalist, and teenage singing sensation Aliqua takes the stage with Lenny D on a Beyonce epic.


Untapped talent are always the best finds…
Hear the interesting voice of Janice on an acoustic Guetta/Sia dance smash.

Jordan D’Sena
Australia’s next Justin Bieber???
The girls just LOVE this guy.
Watch out for Jordan on this year’s X-Factor.

Sarah Lloyde
The ever so popular blonde bombshell and finalist from The Voice TV show Sarah Lloyde performs Rhianna’s best.

Up coming artists


More untapped talent… that’s right!
Latino homeboy Jose jams a Maroon V hit with the man himself Kimo Basha making an appearance on percussion.

Ron-E Jones
With 2 number 1 hits in Malaysia, a contract with Ministry of Sound, and known across the country as one of Australia’s best hook writers,
You gota hear the smooth voice of Ron-E Jones on a Prince beauty.

Sophie Metcalfe
She’s been singing since she could talk, she’s a model, and X-Factor finalist – what else needs to be said but  – WOW
Expect something different, quirky, and out of the ordinary from this little gem.

Dirty Black
US/International artist Dirty Black has performed, written, and been in the studio with a “who’s who” list of artists…
Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, B.O.B, Kelly Rowland, and Kiri Hilson – the list goes on.
Currently based in Australia – Lenny D get’s Dirty to rock an R. Kelly joint that’s never been seen b4.

Troj & Ma

All the way from New Zealand, the smooth and soulful voices of Troj & Ma flip up a Pussycat Dolls slow jam to make it their own

Lesley Williams

Front girl for South Australia’s leading corporate performance group The Attack and known for having Adelaide’s best voice, Lesley adds a little jazz to the Lenny D Show.





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